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4 Cons Of Working Part-Time Jobs As A Student Abroad Study

Students who want to be responsible and make their own money depend on part-time job to be more secure. If students take abroad study consultancy and study abroad  then they have to pay for their expenses and are in a need of passive income, which is why they go for part-time jobs.

But apart from the independence it gives it also has a lot of disadvantages.

 Here are some of the cons of part time jobs you should know:

  1. Affect studies

Students who are working part-time jobs are usually not toppers. They can be average but they struggle a lot to be the next topper in their class. This is because their class and work pressure take up all their free time to study and perform to their best potential.

Eventually, they get poor grades or hire lor and sop services, assignment helpers and tutors, which leads to spending money.

  1. Constant rescheduling

Those working part-time jobs are constantly rescheduling their work and time. This is because they try their hardest to balance both sides. Even if they make up plans, there are high cancellations, and they will fail to commit.

This is why most students who are working part-time have no time for socialization. Make time for your friends and other important things in life. Your friends can help you study, and you won't have to look for sat prep classes near me.

Make a schedule so that you can make up time for everything.

  1. Poor health

A student juggling work and studies is bound to have poor health. They are sleep deprived, pay no attention to their food habits and have no physical exercises. Those who do not care about their bodies will fall victim to many diseases later in life.

They get so busy to balance both lives that in the end, their health is comprised, which is not a  good sign.

Study In Canada

  1. Miss out on many opportunities

Both classes and working hours are long. Hence students who do this might miss out on many opportunities in between. They might miss out on hanging out with friends, making memories, attending seminars, and many other activities that can benefit them.

These opportunities are once-in-lifetime opportunities that are presented to students, which can lead to regrets later. So chose your sacrifices wisely.

These are some of the major cons of being part-time students. Now that you know them, you can take up your time to come up with the decision of if you want to get part-time jobs or not.  

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