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Can someone please help me how to use the Properties in GW
4 years ago
1 Tips to improve Query Performance

While there are many functions, here is a handy list of properties that should be used whenever a [color=blue]query API[/color] is used to fetch results.

Empty – Informs whether the result set (of multiple items) is empty. The common mistake is to use Count property just to understand if there are rows that match the query. Do not use Count property if we only want to know if there are rows that match our query in the data set. Relational query performance often improves if you u...

4 years ago
2 How to use Properties instead of getter methods

Access the class attributes using the properties instead of getter methods. For example, request.getCookies() could be accessed directly as request.Cookies. This reduces instances of null pointer exceptions. When accessing properties, the .(dot) notation is null safe.

4 years ago