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How to close External DB Connections explicitly

Can someone please help me closing DB connection explicitly in GuideWire

Posted one year ago
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Any DB connections that are opened must be explicitly closed.
The logic to get the connection and query the DB using a prepared statement should be enclosed in a try catch block. The corresponding finally block should have the logic to close any prepared statements and DB connections.

// See the Sample Code template given below to understand how the code should be structured
// Note : Only minimal code is shown here. The intent is to convey the structure
//Pay attention to the code highlighted in Yellow

override function search(criteria : ISOLocationSearchCriteria) : List<T> {
  var _dbConnection : Connection = null
  .............some code….
  .............some code….

  try {
        // Step 1. Get the connection     

          _dbConnection = DBConnectionHelper.getConnection(DB_GROUP)

     // Step 2. EXECUTE THE Prepared statement AND ANY OTHER LOGIC   
  } catch (ex : DBConnectionException) {
    // Step 3 : Catch and Log any   DB exceptions. 
   // Step 4 : Optionally rethrow the exception 
    throw ex

  } catch (ex : Exception) {
    // Step 5 : Catch and log any other custom exceptions 
    // Step 6 : Optionally rethrow the exception 
    throw ex

  } finally {
    // Step 7 : Close any prepared statements and DB connections
    // Close any prepared statements 
    // Close any DB connections 
Posted one year ago

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