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Logging Best Practices

What are the some of best logging practices that we need to adopt

Does Scoold support multple languages? Swedish?

Posted one year ago
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@<1133362765067456512|User B>
• When logging exceptions, it’s considered a best practice to log the exceptions along with the associated meta data - Account Nr, PolicyNr, Quote Number, etc. The meta data will prove invaluable when troubleshooting issues in production .
• To go one step further, the meta data should be logged in the Name Value format.
• Here is an example of logging an exception in Name Value pair format.

The underlined files represent Meta data that can be easily searched by a splunk query. In the statement given below, UID, CRID, PAN, PCN represent UserID, JobID, Account#, and Policy# respectively. Now it becomes ridiculously easy to scan the logs and identify ERRORs associated to a particular Job#, Policy # etc.

An example of a splunk query that can quickly help zero in on the above entry is shown below. This SPLUNK query helps to narrow down the ERRORS associated to the Policy # = 1523669410.

The strategy to implement this logging is pretty simple.

  1. Create a class named LogEntry that contains all the placeholders for data is required while logging. See a sample implementation.
  2. Then create a centralized logger Class (LoggerUtil) that has the methods (such as logInfo, logError, logTrace, logDebug etc) that take in LogEntry as a parameter


Posted one year ago

Thank You @<1117765784584589312|Sachin>

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